Hi, I'm Dani Scrapper also known as Dani Alencar on digiland. I have been addicted to scrapbooking for almost 11 years. I started as a paper scrapper back in 2003 and fell in love with it. My daughter was born in 2004 and became a big inspiration for all my scrapbooking pages. As this great hobby was getting popular in Brazil, I started teaching some project classes in a few scrapbooking stores.

I admit to have turned up my nose at the digital version of this beloved hobby at first because as a paper scrapper I loved the depth, texture, hidden journaling, being able to touch all the details. However, after much insistence of my friends I gave in and started experimenting with Photoshop exactly 3 years later. And it became another passion because I realized it was less messy, much cheaper, more practical and less time consuming, the perfect combination for a busy mother.

I have already been part of many designers' creative teams and loved all and every experience and friends I had the pleasure to make online. One year after starting my digital adventure, some friends insisted that I should be a designer and then a new adventure began in 2007.

After a hiatus period of almost 2 years due to my job at the school, I got back to scrapbooking and designing digital kits and other products since Sep, 2013. My aim with scrapbooking is telling stories in a creative way that's why my designs are usually full of journaling aids such as labels, tabs, tags and wordbits. I am as talkative as I write and writing has always been an addiction – from lists to diaries, blog posting, letters, gratitude notes, I always have a notebook and pen at hand. I believe in keeping my family memories of the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly, because all of them are part of our stories. My style is paper/realistic probably because I started as a paper scrapper and I feel like recreating that same look. 

For the first time over these eleven years, I am all about keeping things stress-free and not following any rules or trends. I don’t intend to scrapbook every photo & moment or play “catch up”. I am all about being myself, respecting my own style, embracing my life and following my own creative flow while listening to my intuition.

I believe it’s essential that a scrapbooker learn to tell her own story, that’s why you can find lots of scrapbooking pages about me in my gallery, besides my family memories. Telling my story and sharing my perspective gives me the opportunity to get to know myself better and reflect about my actions and thoughts. This is why I believe scrapbooking is a therapy.

I live with my husband, our 10-year-old girl (who is growing up much faster than I expected) and our sweet dog Bambu in Aruj√°, a small town in Brazil.

You can also find me at Scrapaneers, GingerScraps where I also sell my designs, Simple Scrapper Community and Facebook or subscribe to my blog RSS.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope the ideas, tips and tricks I share here on the blog inspire you to embrace your own creative flow as well.

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