Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GWL | Planning the Project

Back in January I decided to take some projects along this year, in the first beginning I decided to take it slow with few projects because I know it's very hard for me to really get my hands messy and things done with a very busy routine working full time as a coordinator in a language school, designing digiscrap products and being a mother and a wife. But I promised myself I'm going to get things done, that's ok if I don't have everything done in 2014 as long as I keep on doing.

This month I became a member of Simple Scrapper community and I could have access to all planning resources Jennifer Wilson has. She is super fabulous, by the way. And then I wrote all projects and things I want to finish (there are lots) and start (also lots). I often have new ideas and every time I browse pinterest or 2peas gallery or blogs I find lots of inspiration and I feel like "I want to make one of this and one of that, oh! and that one, too." But I never know how to start. Her planning methods gave me a direction to get started.

One of the projects I want to finish is Grow With Love: Kids Edition. This was a project by Crystal Livesay and Sara Gleason and when I learned about it I started making my digital layouts. I'm a storyteller and I love prompts for journaling. Unfortunately, before I could finish all the prompts one of the girls deleted her blog and the last prompts were gone and then I left my project unfinished.

When I look at these pages I think they will make a very good minibook themselves without the prompts missing and I got all excited about it. If you noticed, each layout was made with a different kit or combo of kits because I had some CT commitments. Now I want to create an all coordinated mini photobook.

From unfinished to let's make it!
When I started writing down the projects I want to finish, this was the first one added to my list. I love all the things I wrote for my daughter. I followed some steps to make it happen:

  • FORMAT: Choosing the kind of album it is going to be. It was hard deciding if I was going to make a mini album or a mini photobook. At the end I decided to make a mini photobook because it's going to be easier for me in the moment I'm living now and then I'll finally experiment it. I'm dying to do that for months. This is part of the simplify your life and get things done mode I'm on this year.
  • COLORS: Choosing the colors/kit I'm using.
    I chose white, blue, red and pink. This step will make me browse in my supplies folders and it's a good moment to organize and delete along.
  • JOURNALING: Choosing fonts and design I'm using for the journaling. I think having the same sized journaling blocks for each prompt is a good way to make it clean ans simple and also beautiful.
  • SKETCHES: Creating sketches for the whole album. Actually, since they are the same double page design for the entire book, I didn't sketch all of them.

This is the planning part. Next step is doing it. Soon a new blog post with the doing process.
What about you? Do you have unfinished projects you would like to see finished? Share in the comments.

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