Tuesday, November 25, 2014


P.S.: We moved to a better place. You can read this post in our new home.

I haven't talked much about my OLW this year. Actually I have mentioned it only once back in March and this is a good time to reflect a bit about it again.


For the ones who are new to the concept, let me briefly introduce you. One Little Word is a concept created by Ali Edwards - her again. Can you tell I am a fan? hehe - in which she chooses a word to focus during the year and encourages everybody to do the same, because she believes in the power of words. If you are curious and want to know more, read her first post explaining the concept and also all the other posts in the category.

I really like the idea and I also believe words are powerful and can impact our lives in many ways, that's why this is the second time I took part in the project. And I am now planning to do it for many years ahead.

OLW 2014

My word for this year is Enjoy in the attempt of being more present in the moments of everyday life and also at special occasions, because I used to be always concerned about the future, worrying about stuff and sometimes I missed the joy of the moment. My aim at first was especially to enjoy my family and everyday life.

I didn't mention my word many times, but I kept it in mind all year long and I believe that helped me remember to be present in many moments and it still has been a reminder everyday. When my little girl wants to tell me something that happened at school or play a game, when hubby wants to talk to me or maybe watch a movie together, I just turn off everything else going on in my mind and become present and enjoy that moment. This may be silly to some people, but it's an achievement for me.

For me, being present and enjoying people I love also meant being a better listener, give more of myself and I see this makes a great impact in my life.

Another great achievement is that I'm enjoying myself and my journey as never before. Like all human beings exposed to scrapbooking and arts, I've been very harsh on myself and always comparing myself to others and that usually blocks creativity. I feel that for the first time, I'm allowing myself to experiment and try with no chains.

I like to reflect about the impact my word makes for the year because this is the objective of choosing a word and now I feel ready for the next word and the next year with great hopes.

Do you take part in the OLW project? If so, share your word and thoughts about how it impacted your life during the year.

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