Saturday, March 29, 2014

33 Projects | Sticking to it

I know it seems like I gave up on 33 projects but I didn't. Recently, I've been planning all projects I have in mind, not only the art/personal ones mentioned in this post, but also some new professional projects for JB Studio Designs. There's a lot going on in the backstage.

33 projects is a challenge for me because I have to get messy, to go shopping, to paint, to write, to glue, to search for ideas and search for people to help me, make physical things. Nowadays I'm trying to simplify my life and take the most of my time so making things digitally is a time saver. That's why I've been procrastinating it and focusing on the digital ones.

The good news is despite my normally procrastination skills. I'm sticking to my goals setting around here to have things done and this makes me feel motivated to have more things done. That's why I got back on 33 projects. Firstly, I created a logo and a list to help me stick to it. It's now on the right side bar. Yay! I'm so happy, it's clean and simple and reflects me at this point.

Since I know I won't be able to finish everything in 2014, I haven't added all 33 items in my list yet. I am focusing my efforts on the items I already have and when new ideas come I can add them. Currently, there are 28 items added, moreover I am super happy because two of them are already crossed off: scrip art and mirror on the wall. I admit I have been thinking of decorating the mirror frame.

Of course there are items I'm very excited about, meanwhile some others give me butterflies in my stomach when I think about all the trouble I'll get into. - Yeah, I'm thinking of altering furniture and building a table from pallets. I have no idea how to do them!

I have item 6. Multiple Photo Frame in progress.

What about you? How do you keep yourself motivated to have a project done start to finish? I'd love to hear your methods and learn some more ways to avoid procrastination.

Inspired by Elise's 26 projects I created my own list of 33 things I want to make or buy to decorate our house. The number was chosen in honor of my 33 birthday in Feb 7. And why home decor? I've been willing to decorate and change many things in our house for years to make it feels like a pleasant and comfortable home for us and to receive friends and family and I actually never start anything because everything seems so hard and time consuming. When I saw Elise's projects, it clicked! I can give it a try and fit it to my needs so I can be creative and also accomplish the dream of a beautiful and cozy home made by me. The 33 projects is my attempt to stick to my plan. This year my list is full of small projects and a few complex ones so I get in the mood to make bigger and more expensive things in the future. You can find details and pictures about the projects here.

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