Friday, March 7, 2014

OLW 2014 | I'm Enjoying

P.S.: We moved to a better place, so you can read this post in our new home.

Did you notice we are almost one quarter of the way done with 2014! How are you liking your resolutions setting and achieving so far?
Me? I’m loving it. I mean, I love that I'm not feeling guilty at all. This is a big achievement for me. During my blog updating yesterday I noticed some goals I didn't even remember I had set. Crazy, huh? Well, I'm getting them all back, March is a great month to analyze and replan. But there are two things I've been very focused on: Project Life and One Little Word.
As I mentioned in January when I introduced my One Little Word for 2014ENJOY. my idea is to enjoy life and every moment, life is crazy and time flies and I want to feel as I lived it to the fullest. Project Life is also part of it because I feel like enjoying to capture and then I can pay attention to it at the end when my pages are done.
Week 3 of my PL is on the go, its photos and memories brought a smile to my face and I realized a simple visit to a mall shop was fun. I took so many photos that I had to make a different template to fit the 10 I chose to add. The greatest is some photos tell different stories because I was observing everything around, specially my silly little daughter. I love observing things around me because it makes me live the present.

I took this picture because I was observing the way she was holding the hanger. It is one of those moments that I feel she is not my little girl anymore, sometimes she acts like a teenager and I get mixed feelings about it.

I can't get happier when I get the camera and she starts making those silly faces. In these moments I feel she still is my little girl and I get so happy. Besides that it's a moment I can play around with design. I love cuts in photos, half things, half faces. I can't wait to have a professional camera so I can play even more. It's a dream!

This is a very important picture because it reminds me my daughter's resentment about toy giving policy at MCDonald's.

DD: Mom, Kids Sandwich is too small. I want another sandwich.
ME: Ok, which one?

It takes her a while to choose because of onions and pickles (things she doesn't like), after choosing she starts talking about the toy she's getting and I go:

ME: Dear, you're not getting a toy because toys are only for Kids Combo.
DD: What?! It's impossible!! I am a kid and they should give me a toy. They should give toys for Adults Combos when they are bought by children.

I was speechless, I could only laugh.

This is a great picture for me because it shows sweet daughter playing around with the camera. She can't help that whenever she sees a camera and as a scrapper I feel so proud.
My photos are blurry and ugly, but the important thing is the story they tell, this is priceless.

Well that’s it for March OWL Update. Are you doing any project for this year? Photography, One Little Word, Project Life? How are your plans going? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to share in the comments below.


  1. I am working on being more present in the day to day moments like when my almost 9 yr old son grabs my hand and walks with me whenever we are in a parking lot. I know this will be over someday soon and I want to enjoy every moment!

  2. You're right, We must be present and make these moments remarkable because time flies and what a poor life we would have lived if we didn't enjoy these little moments of ordinary day.