Sunday, March 23, 2014

PL 2014 | Week 4

Did you notice there's no Double Page 1 in my post title? Yes! Week 4 has only one double page and that makes me a little relieved about not having 2 double pages every week, sometimes I think it's too much. I don't want to leave anything behind and that's why I've been creating more than one double page in the previous weeks, but my album will be too long and heavy if every week is like that, right? Mixed feelings here. 

Moreover, I also feel relieved because I have time to make only one double page a week and that's why I am so behind and while I was creating this week page I was thinking that if I become that behind I'll forget details since I'm not taking notes yet. Guilty, I know.

Unlike Week 3 pages, choosing products to use on Week 4 was easy. I started scrapping the left page and a safari kit was perfect for the Park photos.

Week 4 Double Page

Unlike week 3 pages again, these pages took me so short time to make. At first I thought I needed more elements, but then I realized I could keep them simple and I still like the outcome.

Left Side Page

I guess I didn't have much journaling this week because I focused more on the right side page, so I decided to have a photo for each important happening during the week. The only weird feeling I had was that when I took the photo of my notebook because I was going back to studying at a Federal school I was very excited about it and my whole routine was going to change and when I was making this page I didn't have the same exciment in my words specially because I quit the course. That was the first time I felt bad about being behind and it made me think about getting notes daily. I have to start taking notes now!

Right Side Page

I have to admit I've been finding it hard to find the perfect filler cards for some pages, I love filler cards specially the ones with quotes, but I don't have that many and some of them have great quotes but don't coordinate. On this page instead of using a filler card I created my own card with a patterned paper from the kit and a wordart stamp from another designer. Voilá!

  • Cute Safari Digital Kit by Elker W
  • Hello Week Journal Cards by A Little Grace and Mercy
  • Butterlfy Basics BW Edition by Little Butterfly Wings

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