Saturday, April 5, 2014

Digital | Me @ 33

I'm pretty pleased to share my latest digital layout for many reasons, but the most important is that I overcame a difficult moment on creating a solo page.

One month ago, I set some goals for my scrapbooking and designing and I'm doing my best to stick to them. My focus is to keep on doing Project Life and put an end to unfinished projects specially because I've been a scrapper for almost 11 years, but I have only few real pages and projects and they are hidden - not intentionally. I mean they are not in a very easy access to the family enjoyment - and this bothers me a lot. I want to have our memories in real albums and have them easy for the family and friends to sit down and enjoy our stories. That's my goal for this year.

I'm NOT pushing hard though because I realized I'm not proud of things I create under pressure. That's why I'm sticking to my projects but I'm respecting my will. So, if one day I feel like designing, that's what I do but  if I want to work in a PL double page spread instead, I'll do it. I don't want scrapbooking to be an obligation - I already have a job, which I love by the way, but it's something I can't choose to or not to do, kwim? - I want to enjoy these moments because they are my own - creating is my ME moment. Some women like to read, some like to cook, others like to take care of their bodies, I also like those things, but creating is the moment when I can truly be myself and spend time with me, reflect about my actions and life. Besides that, I've been working on keeping things simple so I'm able to achieve my goals since I'm a wife and mother who works - overworks sometimes, that's part of being a coordinator -  so I have to make the best of my time.

I've been willing to scrapbook for about 2 weeks but I wasn't on the mood for Project Life or Grow With Love or 33 projects, I was more feeling like making a page as the ones I used to make before and that's why I got stuck.

If you take a look at my gallery - except 2014 additions - they are full of details and stories and it takes me time to create those and I was so focused on making it simple to make it fast that I couldn't even start. Besides that, I was wondering what to do with a solo layout, I don't want to create more layouts that won't have a home to belong. I got me asking myself "You have projects in progress, why are you going to spend time making a page that will probably be forgotten in your hard drive?" 

Fortunately, I've been in touch with some great resources lately and also with other scrappers in Simple Scrapper Community and we talk about our victories and struggles and getting other people's views helps a lot. So two days ago I created a solo layout and now I already have a room for it. I have some old traditional pages about me and I will order a 12x12 album and keep all my AAM layouts in there. It's perfect!

Problem solved

And here's the layout I created.

@ 33

Products Used
  • Spring Reinvented by JB Studio (it's me)
  • Stitches no.1 by K Studio
  • Revolution Collab by Deca Designs and Ange Designs
  • Cherry on Top by Thaty Borges
  • Font is American Typewriter
More Details
  • It's a scraplift of  question scrap's A

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