Tuesday, April 8, 2014

GWL | Choosing Products and Fonts

About a week ago I posted the first step of doing Grow With Love Mini Photobook. Today I'm sharing the second step: choosing products and fonts.

Choosing Papers

As I mentioned in this post I chose white, blue, red and pink for the whole album for consistency. With that in mind, I browsed my digital supplies for patterned paper. I tought it was going to be a long and hard task but actually it didn't take me long since I remembered I have a very cute collaborative kit that fits my needs by Sugarplum Paperie & Paislee Press called Patisserie.

For the record, I was member of Sugarplum Paperie's creative team in the past and I love all her designs, always soft and elegant. Nicole is such a sweet girl and working with her had been so easygoing and inspiring.

Their collaborative kit is very soft and I wanted to give a litle touch of bold colors, so I added two patterned papers from my own kit called Everyday Photos. They go very well along, don't you think?

To make my life easier and scrapbooking faster, I have added copies of those in the same folder I have the templates. I was careful to take note of the kits used so I could give proper credits afterwards.

Choosing Elements

I haven't chosen elements, I'll wait until I start creating because I want to use elements that help telling the story or match the journaling and the photo somehow. Besides that, I don't have much room for elements because I want this photobook to be clean and simple.

Choosing Fonts

Can you tell I love American Typewriter? Yes!  And it's the font I'm using again. I love typewritting styles and this one is very clean, besides that it has the symbols I need since my journaling is in Portuguese. This way I don't have to overwork to create special symbols. 
It's a free font and you can download it here.

For the title and special words or writing on the pictures I chose Dragon is Coming. I wanted a Calligraphy syle, but I didn't want it to be so stylized that we had a hard time to read. It's important to remember this book is for my daughter and she is still 9 years old, so her reading skills don't include decoding. LOL  It's also free and you can download it here.

This step was an easy one. Next step I'll be working on photos. What about you? Do you prefer to choose few papers,  elements and specific fonts for consistency or you prefer to create freely when you are building a mini album?

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  1. Dani, I love your paper and font choices! When working on my latest project, Before Your Story, I did pre-choose paper, fonts, and embelishments. I found it was a lot easier to keep on track with the project. Great tips and thanks for sharing!