Friday, June 13, 2014


Knowing that internet can connect me with people all around the world puts a smile to my face. It's interesting to see people complaining about the heat of summer when we are about to freeze here in Brazil, more specifically in the southeast.

It's even more interesting to work on Spring and Summer products when we are enjoying the wind of autumn and getting prepared for the winter. I am not complaining. Actually, I love it! I love summer bright colors and all their good vibrations.

As I already mentioned a million times, I am a storyteller and I love collecting our family memories and since I started Project Life this year, I am amazed by all the cards and little journal bits from all the collections I see around the digiland. So NĂ©ia and I decided to create our own monthly collection and this is the first to reach the store.

We are so excited to be gearing up in this new venture that we decided to give you 30% discount this time. And I also have a fanpage gift for you. Like JB Studio Fanpage and download it now.
Tell Your Story - June
30% off until June 15.

Our creative team made the amazing job they always do, check it out!

And if you like a good offer and I bet you do, you can't let Digi Deal pass by.
$2 ONLY!

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