Saturday, August 2, 2014


I was feeling really upset because I thought nobody was leaving comments in my Giveaway posts and then today I learned I had a problem with comments settings on the blog. There were comments waiting for approval and I am so sorry about that. - I really am. - I have just fixed the comments settings so your comments will be posted right away.

Now it is time to winners announcements. I'll announce winners for all the giveaways made up to today and if you purchased the kit you won, let me know and I will give you a coupon so you can download anything else from my store. - I guess that's fair enough, right?

All winners, please contact me to claim your prizes.

GiveAway #1
TYS - June

Winner is Andrea (comment #2)

GiveAway #2
Rock This Way

Winner is Deb Burroughs (comment #2)

GiveAway #3
Gone Away

Winner is Robin Sismai (comment #1)

GiveAway #4
TYS - July

Winner is Preudhomme Hélène (comment #3)

Congratulations to all winners, please remember to contact me to claim your prizes.
Happy Scrapping.

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  1. Happy that you find the problem!!! And Tahnks so much for the kit!! I'm feeeling so luky!