Thursday, October 9, 2014


Do you feel the second half of the year is busier than the first? Every year I feel the same and it led me to missing scrapbooking so much this year. I've been designing a lot and getting to know GingerScraps Community and setting my shop there and of course I've been in touch with scrabooking a lot, but not actually doing it. 

It seems like I haven't scrapped in ages. - so dramatic, I know! Last layout I made was On Your Feet, back in June.

And after some busy months when my husband broke his Achiles Tendon - no, it wasn't good and yes, it was crazy around the house trying to fit to a whole new schedule - I could take some time to myself and sit down and scrap a page. Oh! it feels good.

I have to say that I struggled at the beginning, couldn't find a good design and I gave up and decided to work in a new kit. Two days later, I got the photos and started again.

It is a double page that will be printed and included to a binder 6x8 album. It tells the beginning of my story of restarting my journey for a healthier life. I decided to keep it clean in elements because I used lots of patterned paper which I absolutely love using!

You can see credits in my gallery - page 1 and page 2

I love scrapping about things that are happening, our true life stories and documenting this journey helps me get motivated to stick to it. 

Question for you:
How much of real life happenings do you scrap? Or you'd rather scrap events and highlights? Or are you a project lifer?

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