Monday, November 17, 2014


I've been reading blogs and listening to podcasts lately - a lot. This year I've made a decision that will change our lives and routines and it also plays a huge role in my changing how I see life.

As I learn new things, sometimes I feel inappropriate and that's not an easy feeling. It pushes me to reflect about my aims. I got to the point that I understand I'm changing, I'm becoming more mature, raising my spirit and finding my balance and that way I need to let some things go - some people, too.

I don't regret.

I still love those things and people, but now I understand in which circumstances I can benefit of their company and also offer them my better self. And this self awereness feels good.

And for me, life should always feel good. It doesn't mean never feeling blue, I believe life is made of ups and downs. But you can feel good about the struggles and blue moments when you have a lesson learned from it. They are also valuable.

I've been really introspective and reflective lately. There is a mix of excitement and doubt in the decision of a life change and been aware of my feelings and thoughts help me find the balance needed to step up and make it happen.

It's when I start to grow space for 2015 resolutions. I have ideas of things I want to do, however I can't really analyze their viability without clearing old expectations and criticism.

That's about time I got real and "getting real is about adjusting expectations and clarifying and moving forwards with less pressure, less fear, less of whatever it is we don't need in our lives." as says Ali Edwards.

Here's some thoughts related to getting real in 2015:

  • Get real about about embracing what makes your life easier and more pleasant;
  • Get real about spending time on you, taking care of yourself and being in better shape for your family;
  • Get real about what scrapbooking means to you and choose meaningful projects instead of trying to fit a group;
  • Get real about the new creative experiences you want to try;
  • Get real about things you want to learn and classes you want to take;
  • Get real about expectations for yourself, wants and commitment.
  • Get real about the story that has been waiting to be told for years.
  • Get real about the story you want to tell. Remember to live it primarly;
  • Get real about the time you spend with your family and the quality of this time;
  • Get real about the amount of projects on your to-do list.


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