Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I love scrapbooking about our personality traits, I think this is such a good way of sharing our stories and who we are and it's very nice to have an album to refer to as we grow old so that we can seethe difference in our behavior and way of thinking.

I usually make this kind of pages about myself and my little girl. Sometimes I try something about my husband, but it's not always easy to have his collaboration on talking about himself. He is not as articulated as I am with words. hehe

This is a traditional page about my daughter's love for nature. This is a very strong personality trait she has and I am amazed by it because it's so different from me. She looks like me in many ways, but this is something really hers.

This page was inspired by CSI challenge named CC3. I came across the CSI Challenges some days ago and decided to give it a try. It's nice to get inspiration out of the box to tell our stories. I know many scrappers who like to tell everyday stories or scrap special moments, but sometimes a challenge can help us think of something we wouldn't think on an ordinary scrapbooking time.

For this page I wanted to try paiting. I've been regularly browsing galleries and I can see so many scrapper using painting here and there and it brings such a cool look to scrapbook pages and projects.

I don't have scrapbooking paintings or mist - they are on my wishlist -  so I had to go with what I had at home and it was gouache little girl uses at school and I always buy extras so that she can create her masterpieces at home. It was my first attempt at it - I'm no expert at all. What I did was just mixing the yellow gouache with lots of water to make it look softer and brushing the cardstock and letting it dry before adding all other elements. I also stamped leaves all around the page to set the mood.

I like how it looks. Yay! I would say my first attempt at painting was a success! -hehe

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