Friday, January 23, 2015


Another week of A Photo A Day Project inspired by The Digital Press. Some days ago I shared Week 1. This is my first photography project and I'm loving it.

To stick to my plan, I have already printed first week photos and saved to add to a 4x4 mini book.

Some of the prompts this week were a bit tricky but I think I found my way thought it.


White: As I told before, colors are not my favorite prompts because I think it's hard to find an object that tells our everyday story, it took me a while to figure it out and then it clicked. White paper in my printer has been my best friend in my creative business, I've been printing lots of handouts and planners and materials from classes.

Eyes: At first I tried to photograph my daughter's eyes, but we didn't really like the outcome. Then I remembered our dog has that look that is always saying "please hug me" and I couldn't resist.

Dinner: I always forget to take pictures at night because I love natural light and it's hard to take a good picture at night with no good supplies. Well, I ended up taking the picture in another day while we were at the mall. We had Japanese food and ice cream as desert. - I only remembered to photograph when we were having the desert. hehe

Chevron: This one was tricky again. And when I was getting dressed, I looked at my hair brush...

Shoes: I broke two pairs of flip flops in about 3 months. Not exactly shoes, but this is my new pair and I chose the same color as JB Studio's brand logo. - Love it! And it's my best friend during the super hot days of Summer we are having.

Organize: Something I've been working hard on - building my planner so things run smooth.

Black and White: I know I said I don't drink anything for breakfast. I like neither coffee nor milk, but I do like tea. I drink it only in Winter, though. I love cups and I have about 5 or 6 of them. I wish I liked drinking hot beverages to put them in use more often.

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Do you like photography projects? Do you have any photography project in progress? Share a link to your photos or posts in the comments, I'll love to see it.

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