Monday, January 5, 2015


I've been setting New Year's Resolutions every year for the last four years. After some reflection, I realize I had very good days, new opportunities, great achievements and also failures and none of them - I said none of them - were due to my resolutions. I say that because I find myself lost on my own planners and goals and all notes  after the first quarter of the year. So sad realization.

That's for a new year, new me.

Nothing fancy actually. I decided to approach my dreams and goals in a slightly different way this time. This comes to my word for the year. GET IN REAL.

First thing that comes to my mind about getting real is simplifying. PLAN LESS, DO MORE. Because that's who I was - big fat WAS... bye bye old Dani - I used to think too much, plan too much, get overwhelmed by my own thoughts. Not anymore.

And then, during my blog reading moments, I came accross a post by Danielle Porte and I can relate to it.

Destroy before you create.

Last year was very hard, but I consider our little tragedies great opportunities to growth and after reading this post I couldn't help but think we had some destruction around the house and they were perfect! We are in the moment of creating - my husband and I. 

Is it that much difficult?

A couple of years ago I just couldn't see the big picture, I just couldn't imagine or visualize long term goals. Every time I was reading a book, a blog post or taking a class or seminar in which I should set a long term goal, it was pure frustration because that visualization was impossible for me at that time.

I've changed a lot, and now I can imagine a long or medium term goal, I can visualize my house, myself, my family, things I want to be doing in 5 years time, in 10 years time. However I still find it too hard to stick to a long term objective, it seems far far away, so untouchable. That's why I decided to approach the year with small monthly goals, babysteps and keep on going.

We underestimate a year and overestimate a day.

There are so many things I want to do, goodies I want to buy, goals I want to achieve, arts I want to create, places I want to visit, foods I want to try, people I want to meet, money I want to make.. it is a very big list - actually there's no list at all, they are a bunch of ideas right now.

That's the thing!!

I have so many ideas all the time and it's hard to concentrate and plan and really make them happen because my mind keeps shifting from one great idea to the other. This year I just gave up the idea of having a big list of resolutions. I am going to have small monthly lists that I am likely to be focused on and get going.


  • EAT LESS, MOVE MORE for a healthier me and a bigger family in the future.
  • STRESS LESS, LAUGH MORE because my family is so cool and funny and I should enjoy them much more.
  • STICK TO MY BLOG PLAN because blogging is something I've always loved and what I need now is consistency.
  • BUILD MORNING AND NIGHTIME ROUTINES for a better day everyday.
  • HAVE A WEEKLY FAMILY ACTIVITY so we can spend more time together and live our stories to tell.
  • DECLUTTER OUR DAUGHTER'S ROOM to start creating a cozy and warming house the way I dream. There are lots of things to toss and donate from her bedroom.

Want to see how I progress in my January goals? 
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