Saturday, March 8, 2014

JB Studio Giveaway

Some days ago I realized that since I (re)started selling JB Studio’s designs, I wasn’t very consistent in sending a weekly newsletter and then I noticed I wasn’t sharing the news link anywhere. To redeem myself from this fool mistake I created a full digital kit that will be given in 8 pieces through weekly newsletters.
First piece will be send on March 10th and last piece will be delivered on April 28th, who subscribes during this period will get the full kit. After that, it will the added to JB Studio’s stores at GoDigitals and DigiscrappersBrasil.
Hurry up, subscribe now and don’t miss this great gift.


  1. Thank you! Beautiful kit! I love the colors!

  2. I can't thank you enough for this. I am a huge fan with very little funds! So it means so much to me! Recently diagnosed w/ a major neurological issue has thrown my family upside down and you've made my day(s) several times over! xo, Candi

  3. I am subscribed but have not received any of the parts. I checked my spam and my trash and they are not in there. Could you please check on your end to see that you have me. When I went to put my information in again to subscribe it said I was already in your database. Thank you so much. It's such a lovely kit! :)