Monday, March 10, 2014

PL2014 | Week 3 Double Page 1

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve been doing Project Life with 2 double pages a week because it’s too much to say. I had spent two or three years willing to start Project Life and hadn’t before because I thought I wouldn’t have things to say in a daily basis. Besides that, when I finally started this year, I wasn’t planning on doing it weekly for the same reason and it happens that I’ve been doing it since week 1. But I know it’s just the beggining and life happens sometimes… well, what can I say?

The most important is I’m not feeling behind, despite being. I’m still on week 3, when we are currently starting week 10, but I’m super excited about having my album done and that’s the best feeling ever. I have so many unfinished projects and ideas that never came out of my head just because I felt it would be too much to handle and look at me now!

But it wasn’t that good in the beginning. In this post I said I was about to give up because I was already feeling overwhelmed and also because I was comparing myself to everyone else who were already uploading their pages to galleries, I felt behind at that point. You may ask what was the changing point Oh, reading and learning from experts. More about that in another post because this one is supposed to be about my week 3.

Week 3 was the most challenging so far. It was difficult to choose a kit to go and I’m still not sure if I like the color results, but I’m not redoing anything, this is my goal, take the tough ones for what they are and move on, I’m not looking for perfection.

WEEK 3 – PAGES 1 & 2

As I mentioned in this post, I have a favorite design, but I have to push hard and create different, mix and match otherwise it’s going to become boring. I changed some of the previous designs and created news templates, now I have about 10 pre made templates. After creating the left page, I make a preview in low resolution file with no layers and let it aside so I can put both pages together when I finish the right  page and then I can see if they match or if I have to change anything to make them look better.


We started the week in the hospital and spent the whole Monday there because Nonô was throwing up and not feeling well , we got back at about 7pm. It was tough. After all, my sweet girl is strong and although she had to take a lot of medicine, she manage to play around and she’s crazy about Lego at the moment.


This is our dog, Bambu. He’s crazy about balls and my daughter brought a little one from the Petshop, he didn’t ket it go for days. LOL


*no links this time because Amanda Yi was giving it away for sometime and now it’s out of the store.
If you missed, she’ll be selling it soon.


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