Tuesday, March 18, 2014

. read . watch . listen .

I think it is a good idea to browse my internet navigation history and found out what I have been reading, watching and listening recently. Maybe in the future it will be nice to see what were my thoughts and faves.

Besides that, some of them are ideas to put in action. Well, I hope some can also inspire you. Here's my list for today.

#1 My #1 Source of Layout Ideas by Jennifer Wilson
I love Simple Scrapper. This month I became a member and I'm amazed by all Jennifer's resources and kindness. It clicked when I read this post, very smart idea.
#2 10 Things I Love Mini by Lynnette Penacho
I read many posts about this mini photobook because I love it so much and I'm willing to create a mini photobook, so I was looking for some inspiration and ideas on how to make it, never did one.
#3 Gangna Style cover
Aren't they lovely?! I love this kind of cover version.

#4 Learning English with Tongue Twisters Video
I decided to use Tongue Twisters to teach pronunciation, so I searched for videos when preparing for the class.

#5 Duracell - moments of warmth on a bus stop in Canada
Love the idea!

#6 KickAss Challenge No.1 by KickAss-Scrapbooking
I'm in a need for that!

#7 Mandela Day Song
Also for a class.

#8 Watercolor Balloon Birthday Card by K Werner Design
Love the technique. I'm dying to do something traditional.

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