Thursday, April 10, 2014

JB Studio | Back to the 80's and a chance to win my entire store

I am very happy to release this collaborative kit since it means a lot to me. I have always wanted to design a 80's kit because I'm a child of the 80's and those years fascinate me. I love the colors, all the attitude and specially the music and movies.

NĂ©ia Arantes became a great friend online and she felt very inspired to go along with me in this creative journey and the result is an amazing and big digital kit.
Available exclusively at GoDigitals
20% off for limited time

Special Grab Bag is still available
5 kits for only $14.99

There is a lot going on in the backstage of GoDigitals Store, we are preparing a great event for NSD Celebration and I believe you won't want to miss it. Here at JB Store the party starts earlier and you have a chance to win my whole store!!

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