Monday, May 5, 2014

PL2014 | Week 5

It's been so long since I shared a PL page. Actually April was a very busy month due to NSD Festivities and I focused my scrapbooking time to designs and preparation. Besides that, I was invited to work in another city for some months so I'm having less spare time to scrapbooking. 

But I managed to create Week 5 double page. As I mentioned in last PL post I was afraid of forgeting details and it happened. When I was creating these pages I felt guilty for not having notes and my friends at Project Life Brasil (fb group) encouraged me to keep on doing it.

Week 5 Double Page

This is not a new kit. It was released in last Thanksgiving, I have already used it for a hybrid mini album, but I love it and couldn't help using it again.

Left Side Page

Nothing really special happened this week. My daughter went back to school after two months vacation, she couldn't wait anymore to see her classmates and teacher again. New teachers' room after the rebuilt - beautiful and functional. And some other little happenings. 

Right Side Page

I really love some of the pictures on the right side page. Bambu is so cute llaid down with my husband, isn't he? Noeme tried sugarcane for the first time and loved it. I couldn't believe we didn't give it to her before, after all we're in Brazil. I love the redish skies in the end of the day.


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