Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ban Busy Challenge

Some weeks ago I shared in the newsletter my dream and goal of growing my small business to the point I'll be self-employed working at home, this way I'll also be able to accomplish some other goals as growing our family and focus a little bit more in my home. That's why I have been reading blogs, listening to podcasts and learning a lot of things to help me make this dream true, besides that I stick to a monthly design schedule and other plans.

However, sometimes I feel tired and overwhelmed by the huge amount of things I have to do weekly so I was snapped by the Abundant Mama Project Ban Busy.

This project is a weekly challenge that promises we'll keep on doing things, but in a different way and not in a frenetic state-of-mind and I decided to take the challenge and see if it will help me make the best of time I have available.

First week challenge is to define SLOW. I have to write a letter about a family moment I treasure and want to seek out more in my schedule. Here's my letter:

Ok, my daughter is not that little anymore, but I love this picture and
the idea this image convey is perfect for my letter.

There was a night, not so long ago, that my daughter and I invited dad to have a special dinner. I used to work in the evenings and we never could have dinner together, but I had that night off so I decided it would be nice to set the table and have a great family moment. I had worked during the day so I couldn't do anything fancy, but we did some decoration and set the table before my husband got home so he was surprised and very happy to see we were waiting for him. After dinner, chatting and lots of laughing, we spent the night playing games, only the three of us. Hubby and I opened a bottle of wine, our sweet girl got herself a can of soda. It was such a great moment I treasure. I have been willing to have more moments like that and our crazy and busy schedules are not allowing these moments anymore. I felt so fullfilled of joy spending time with my family and doing that more times will bring more purpose to my life. Time flies and before we notice our daughter will be a teenager and I want to feel I have enjoyed every stage of her life.

After writing, I have to circle words and phrases that describe what made that memory so special. Here are they:

special dinner
a great family moment
surprised and very happy
chatting and lots of laughing
playing games
only the three of us
spending time with my family

Okay, that's it for the first challenge. What about you? Is there a moment you would like to revisit in your life?

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