Monday, October 13, 2014


Autumn is off to a fantastic start here for those of us in the northern hemisphere! There is so much to do and so much to scrap! I have been thinking of ways to enhance my Autumn scrapbooking layouts. What could really make my layouts pop in the galleries? One of the things that came to mind is fonts!! Fonts are perfect for giving your digital scrapbooking layouts that little bit of oomph you are wanting. And one of the best parts is -- you can get tons of fonts for free! I have put together a short list of fonts that would work fantastically in your Autumn themed digital scrapbook pages. Have a look and see if you don't just fall in love with these gorgeous fonts!

Always Here |  Appleberry | Apple Cobbler | Autumn | Cafe & Brewery | Cinnamon Cake | CK Journaling | Ghoulish Fright | Iron Furnaces | Miserable | Smiley Monster | Things We Said

Aren't these just fantastic?! I just love these! Using any of these fonts on your scrapbooking layouts is sure to have you swarming with comments in the galleries! Make sure to comment with your layouts using any of these fonts! We would love to see them! 

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