Saturday, March 15, 2014

PL2014 | Week 3 Double Page 2

I think it’s a new record. I have pages 3 and 4 done in such a short time. Can you imagine me dancing around the house?

The big win about Project Life is that I can never be behind on this album since I didn’t commit to daily photo or weekly pages, my goal is consistency and this is a great project for that training. I think I only was that consistent in the Grow With Love Project.

As I mentioned in this post this was the most challenging week so far. Choosing the kit was easy this time, but I had so much journaling to add that I had to let some photos out.

I’ve seen many Project Lifers talking about how difficult it is to choose photos for their weekly pages and my trick is focusing on my reason for making this album, our family story telling. Of course our friends, coworkers, neighbors and relatives are part of our lives, but if I have to choose I’ll mention them but I’ll focus on us.

Week 3 Double Page 2

I had to create a new template for these pages because I didn’t have that many photos and journaling in the previous weeks and I wanted to keep all the photos from Thursday together so the left side page is focused on them and the description of our ride to the mall. On the right side page I included individual journaling by tagging with numbers. Easiest way I could think of.

These pages took me forever, I remember there was a moment that I thought OMG! Is it never ending? But I have to admit I’m very proud of the outcome, I like the colors, the simplicity and all the stories told. Hubby said it looks like a newspaper. Really?!

Left Side Page

I have nothing to say about this page because I already did that in details here.

Right Side Page

All this journaling is about the photos in the previous page, there is only one journaling card in which I mention our weekend with friends.



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